This page brings together efforts to make well-being information visible, ranging from the development of web tools, the curation of data and the selection of appropriate visualisations to convey insights from the data. Furthermore, this platform is supported by local artists, who kindly donated the homepage photographs. Also, for the indicators’ themes, we used icons made available by designers on the web. In the following titles, we present a list of people that contributed to this page design.

The photographs on the home page were designed and captured by Pereira’s artist Quinaya Qumir. We appreciate the generosity of the donation of her work to this project. You can consult Quinaya’s portfolio at the following link:

Homepage images

Homepage images. Authorship: Quinaya Qumir.


Icons of the indicators’ topics

Indicators panel

Indicators panel

In addition, our platform also relied on various creators who made their work available to the public on the Flaticon website.

Here is the list of the icons that we used for this platform: